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Tito Valdezate is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Tito is a rebelde. He fought for Abraham Reyes in order to "liberate" Nuevo Paraiso from oppression.


Red Dead Redemption

Tito can be encountered during many of the missions in Nuevo Paraiso . After the mission "An Appointed Time", Tito will act as a lawman and if Marston has a bounty, Tito will pursue him.

Tito also makes a minor appearance at the end of My Sister's Keeper in which he along with an unnamed woman embrace Miranda Fortuna as she leaves Nuevo Paraíso.

Undead Nightmare

Tito is specifically encountered at the beginning of the mission "Mother Superior Blues" where he is seen attacking the Mother Superior. She makes quick work of him, so the player never actually interacts with the undead Tito.

He also appears as a Bolter during town outbreaks and random encounters with the undead.


Libéranos, amigo! Somos leales a Abraham Reyes!
Tito Valdezate during An Appointed Time
Shoot the doors. They will open.
Tito Valdezate during An Appointed Time



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