How’d you like it, I’d want it between the eyes, quick and no pain.
Tobias Weldon in a gunfight

Tobias Weldon is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Tobias is notorious for his addiction to dueling, and getting cocky around his opponents. He is seen in New Austin towns such as Thieves' Landing, Armadillo, MacFarlane's Ranch (rarely), and in the West Elizabeth town of Blackwater.


Red Dead Redemption

Tobias is encountered on the streets of some towns. He often refers to Marston as "Chicken Head" and will ask for a duel. If Marston accepts then the player will enter a duel. Tobias can be killed or disarmed during the duel. After the duel is over, Marston will get fame and Honor if Tobias isn't killed. In Thieves' Landing, he can be found at Whit McSwain's food stall seemingly managing the transactions. He can also be encountered in the wilderness, where he will challenge Marston to a sharpshooting contest.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Tobias can be found defending the town of Armadillo where he is on the balcony above the Gunsmith or on the roof of the Freight Office. If Armadillo is saved and Tobias survives, he will stand in front of the General Store.

An undead Tobias in Armadillo


Hey, you, the chicken headed guy! Get over here!
Tobias Weldon yelling at Marston
You fast, mister? I hope so, 'cause we're 'bout to have a showdown.
Tobias Weldon
You consider yourself any kind of a shot, mister?
Tobias Weldon inviting the player to a bird-shooting contest.
I’m the best shot around and nobody better, and I’ll put money on it!
Tobias Weldon challenging the player to a bird-shooting contest.
I don’t miss, mister, bear that in mind!
Tobias Weldon during a fight.
Prospect of dying certainly focuses the mind, doesn’t it?
Tobias Weldon during a fight.
This is gonna hurt, sonny-boy!
Tobias Weldon during a fist fight.
No, please, somebody, somebody shoot me!
Tobias Weldon when injured.
You better think twice before tackling a man of my caliber.
Tobias Weldon when threatened.
This is mighty uncomfortable, friend, I hope you realize that!”
Tobias Weldon when hogtied.
You better watch where you walk, mister!
Tobias Weldon when bumped.
I know your reputation, Marston, but I’ll be damned if I take that from any man.
Tobias Weldon when insulted by a high Fame John Marston.
How good it is to see you!
Tobias Weldon greeting.
Most interesting.
Tobias Weldon responding to a conversation.
Bye now.
Tobias Weldon conversation farewell.
The hell with this.
Tobias Weldon when shocked.
Well sir, I am drunk as hell!
Tobias Weldon when drunk.


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