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Now, I cannot be seen to get too close to any of this. I’d be causing a crime...or whatever the damn law is.
Tom Davies

Marshal Tom Davies is a central character featured in Red Dead Online.



Tom Davies is a gritty, no-nonsense, and often vindictive U.S. Marshal. He is shown to resort to questionable means in his attempts to bring outlaws to justice, despite how unethical they might be.

Shortly after Alfredo Montez is found to have been involved with the murder of a family near Thieves' Landing, Tom is tasked with tracking and apprehending him for his crimes.

Events of Red Dead Online[]

A Land of Opportunities[]

If the player finished the honor choice mission strand while maintaining high honor, Horley and Old Man Jones will refer them to seek work by assisting Tom Davies.

Davies is first met at his camp in Tall Trees. He proceeds to ride with the protagonists to Manzanita Post, where he introduces them to Lee, who supposedly knows where Montez is hiding. Lee guides the protagonists through the woods, killing several Del Lobo gang members along the way. They eventually reach Swadbass Point, where they find who Lee believes to be Alfredo and his men, and kill them all in a gunfight. However, upon bringing Alfredo's head to Davies, they learn that they actually killed his brother, Jorge Montez. Nonetheless, Davies pays them for the trouble, as Jorge was also a wanted criminal.

Later, the protagonists meet Davies again at the Van Horn stables. There, he has them split up and search both the town and an outlaw campsite to find Montez. After clearing the town and the camp, the protagonists return to the stables and regroup with Davies, who learned that Montez's convoy is traveling past Butcher Creek. After stopping the convoy and capturing Montez, the group rides to Emerald Ranch to collect payment and debrief.

Not long after Montez's capture, the players meet up with him in Valentine while the town is under lockdown in preparation for a raid from the Del Lobo gang. While arguing with Sheriff Curtis Malloy in the Sheriff's office, Davies decides to execute Alfredo Montez in his cell without trial, deeming him too much trouble to keep alive. The protagonists, citizens of Valentine, and Davies subsequently manage to fend off the Del Lobos. After this, they are paid for their assistance and part ways with the Marshal, who covers up Montez's death with the explanation that he was killed during the chaos.

At some point following the shootout in Valentine, Davies is captured near Tumbleweed by the Del Lobos alongside Sheriff Freeman and set to be hanged as revenge for killing Montez. Old Man Jones informs the protagonists, who arrive to save them, just as the Del Lobos hang Davies. However, the protagonists manage to either cut or shoot the rope in time, saving Davies' life and then help him and Freeman escape from the pursuing Del Lobos. They arrive at The Scratching Post, where Davies expresses his gratitude to both the protagonists and admittedly Old Man Jones. He pays them and departs, saying that if they are to meet ever again, it would hopefully be under better circumstances.



Tom Davies displays being both just and levelheaded upon his first meeting, knowing well enough of the legal boundaries he must abide by as a lawman. He keeps this in mind while attempting to resolve issues through frontier justice to prevent allowing criminals to take advantage of the limitations to his authority. However, as a situation begins to recur or become more complex, he is shown to willingly disregard his ethical duties to take matters into his own hands.

While explaining himself at one point before the player, Tom admits to being "a man of many contradictions", adding that his seemingly impulsive actions are ultimately morally correct. As such, even when rendered vulnerable in a grave situation, he stands by his vigilant behavior and claims he would do what he had again if given the opportunity.


Davies has a very grizzled appearance, with a bushy blonde mustache hanging down to his chin. His coat, pants, boots, and gloves are black, while his vest, shirt, and hat are white.

Mission appearances[]

Red Dead Online


  • He appears to be partially modelled off Rooster Cogburn from True Grit in terms of appearance and reputation.
  • In "Highly Illegal And Highly Moral", Tom mentions the warrant for Alfredo Montez requires only one man to be at the Tumbleweed gallows, foreshadowing his own eventual predicament of being lynched by the Del Lobo Gang.