Tong Lin is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


Tong Lin is presumably an immigrant from China. Other than that, nothing is known of her background.


The player may see this woman while travelling throughout the U.S. and Mexico. She usually spawns in El Matadero, Escalera, Chuparosa, Benedict Point, Pacific Union Railroad Camp, Manzanita Post, or Blackwater, and can be seen performing odd activities.


  • She rarely speaks, but when she does, it is in Cantonese. However, she may greet Marston and others in an English "Hello" if they greet her first. This is presumably the only English word she knows.
  • She can sometimes be found playing fetch with a dog.
  • She very likely supports the Mexican revolution, for she can be seen cheering on a revolutionary speech.
  • She can be seen sleeping at El Matadero in one of the tents by the campfire.

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