Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Dead Eye restoration
Obtained by Harvesting a plant *
Restores your deadeye when consumed.

–In-game description

Tonic is a consumable item found in Red Dead Redemption.


Tonic restores approximately 75% of the player's Dead-Eye meter when consumed. Marston can carry up to 5 normally, 10 if the player has acquired the Treasure Hunter's satchel. As with all consumables, Tonic is not available in Multiplayer.


The player must reach Legendary rank (Rank 10) in the Single Player Survivalist Challenges before Tonic can be obtained from gathering plants.


Tonic is not found or purchased, but rather created by the player as a bonus to plant gathering. Once all 10 Survivalist Challenges have been completed, any plant harvested by the player will produce a bottle of Tonic (unless the maximum of 10 are already in the inventory).

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