Type Melee
Power Moderate
Range Low
Rate of Fire n/a
Reload Speed n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Ammo Type n/a

The Torch is a weapon found in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


It is a makeshift weapon consisting of a short stick with a rag or cloth tied around the top. The rag is then doused with fuel and set alight. The torch can be used to light up dark areas, it can burn coffins in Cemeteries and can also be used to set the Undead and Undead Animals on fire.

The torch can also be used to perform Executions if the player uses it in close quarters while directly facing an attacking Undead. If done correctly, the view will briefly switch to a cinematic in which the player impales the Undead through the eye or the back of the head (depending on the player's position) with the sharp end of the torch's handle.

The torch is available in Undead Overrun for use as a last resort weapon, or to conserve ammunition once the clock has stopped ticking.


When looking for survivors in Blackwater, Marston is given the torch by a young lady, before heading to the Blackwater Cemetery to cleanse it.


  • War, one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, is scared by the torch when attacked, even though it is on fire itself.
  • The torch essentially replaces the Hunting Knife as the player's close quarters combat weapon in Undead Nightmare.
    • When targeting an enemy with the Torch, Marston will often use his knife fighting quotes.
  • A good tactic is to ride past foes in sweeping motions on a horse, swatting enemies with the Torch while passing, essentially a "hit and run" strategy. This guarantees an instant kill on most undead, along with being a major help with the Undead Hunter Challenges.
  • The torch is noticeably much weaker in Undead Overrun, to the point where it deals almost no damage.
  • Sometimes a glitch will be found in Undead Overrun where the torch will be replaced with a knife.[citation needed]
  • Undead animals will be stunned by the torch and may fly up in the air while shaking.


  • (XBOX360 Confirmed) If attacking a uninfected human with the Torch, as it hits the target no hit sound will play.


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