Shooting from the passenger seat of a stagecoach.

Players can use several modes of transport in order to move Marston around Red Dead Redemption's game world.

List of Transportation

  • Horses - Marston can buy horses from sellers or try and tame one from the wild. Horses range in strength, speed, and stamina. Horses also vary in health. Horses are the most common use of transport used in Red Dead Redemption.
  • Trains - Allows the player to quickly travel over long distances.thumb|300px|right|Train at night
  • Stagecoaches - Stagecoaches are large enclosed carts, primarily used to transport people or valuable goods and are drawn by 2 or 4 horses. The player can drive the stagecoach, similar to the use of horses. Additionally, they can be hired for transportation and given the option of sleeping, allowing the player to skip the ride and arrive at his destination instantly. However when the Stagecoach driver sees or hears any form of violence he will drive away. Passing the 5th Treasure Hunter challenge grants him a free ride.
  • Carts - Carts are drawn by one horse, and are typically used to carry goods and equipment rather than people. They are very fast but unstable, due to the fact that they can tip over, so be careful going over hills and other high landscape.
  • Wagons - Wagons are drawn by either two or four horses, and carry goods and people. Wagons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they appear in some single-player missions.thumb|300px|right|Stagecoach Multiplayer
  • Rafts - Rafts are rudimentary floating platforms, capable of navigating waterways. Rafts are a central component of at least one gameplay mission, and the vehicle cannot be used by the player outside of this mission. The Raft is also used throughout "The River" co-op mission, included in the Outlaws To The End DLC.
  • Steamboats - Large river-going ships that carry passengers, supplies and goods. (Only appears in Exodus in America, the first mission and not in game).
  • Automobiles - Automobiles were extremely rare, but pervaded the west, challenging the ubiquity of the horse. They appear in missions, but the player does not control one at any point. An automobile can be seen parked in an alley in BlackWater, although it cannot be driven or stolen.
  • Mules - Can be found in Mexico. You may find them hitched in Chuparosa or Escalera. However the player can not put hogtied personnel on them.
  • Camps - Allow fast travel to wherever the player chooses (Waypoint and towns e.g Armadillo) and allows the player to change outfit. Also if the player has the Improved Campsite it will refill their ammo.
  • MineCarts - Used in the mission "A Man is Born Unto Trouble" where John Marston must push one up a hill, and ride down the other side. Although this is not available for use outside of the mission, the minecart is also used on the online co-op mission, "Waltons Gold".

Multiplayer Transportation

Mounts are either mules, horses, buffalo, cows or bulls that can be unlocked at some legendary or regular level in the game.They are used for traveling across the map to locations by riding them. Here is a list of all of the mounts that are unlockable in multiplayer.

Regular Mounts

Legendary Mounts

Fast Travel

Achievements and Trophies

There are five Trophies/Achievements that directly involve using transport. These do not include using methods of transport to get to certain locations in order to obtain the Achievement/Trophy.

5 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Complete 20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post.

5 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Evade the U.S. Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-Bred horse in Single Player.

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze

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