Players can utilize several modes of transport in order to move John Marston around the game world.

Available modes of transportation include:

  • Horses - Marston can buy horses from sellers or try and tame one from the wild. There are fast horses or stronger horses to choose from. The horse's vitality is displayed on screen.
  • Trains - Allows the player to quickly travel over long distances.
  • Stagecoaches - Can be used for transportation and gives the option of sleeping, allowing the player to skip the ride and arrive at his destination instantly (similar to the taxi ride in GTA IV).
  • Carts - Carts are drawn be either one or two horses, and are typically used to carry goods and equipment rather than people.
  • Rafts - Rafts are rudimentary floating platforms, capable of navigating waterways. Rafts are a central component of at least one gameplay mission.

Players also are able to teleport to any place they have already been from their own campsites.

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