Players can use several modes of transport in order to move John Marston around Red Dead Redemption's game world.

List of Transportation

  • Horses - Marston can buy horses from sellers or try and tame one from the wild. Horses range in strength and speed.
  • Trains - Allows the player to quickly travel over long distances.
  • Stagecoaches - Stagecoaches are large enclosed carts, primarily used to transport people or valuable goods and are drawn by 2 or 4 horses. The player can drive the stagecoach, similar to the use of horses. Additionally, they can be hired for transportation and given the option of sleeping, allowing the player to skip the ride and arrive at his destination instantly.
  • Carts - Carts are drawn by either one or two horses, and are typically used to carry goods and equipment rather than people.
  • Wagons - Wagons are drawn by either two or four horses, and carry goods and people. Wagons come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Rafts - Rafts are rudimentary floating platforms, capable of navigating waterways. Rafts are a central component of at least one gameplay mission. This vehicle cannot be used by yourself.
  • Steamboats - Large river-going ships that carry passengers, supplies and goods. (Only appears in the intro, not in game)
  • Automobiles - Automobiles were extremely rare, but pervaded the west, challenging the ubiquity of the horse. They appear in missions driven, yet the player cannot use one.

Fast Travel

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