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I have the finest wears in all the land.
The Trapper

The Trapper is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



You know, these hides and furs can also be done up into coats and boots and such. Beyond my skills, but there's a trapper that travels around these parts - Canadian feller - a skilled tanner. He can make just about anything.
Simon Pearson, describing the Trapper

The Trapper is a highly skilled and experienced hunter, tanner and forager, hailing from Canada. His skills have made him widely known across the land, and he knows various fellow trappers, along with a falconer named Jerry. The Trapper has had at least four wives, and is a veteran of a war, alongside a Mexican trapper situated in Rio Bravo.

The Trapper runs a transitory shop situated in various points across New Hanover to West Elizabeth, although he also has a permanent shop in the market in Saint Denis, Lemoyne.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan can meet the Trapper as early as Chapter 2, in any of his shop locations across New Hanover to West Elizabeth, except in Tall Trees. He will purchase animal pelts, hides, carcasses, meat and Legendary Animal pelts, all of which he stores to craft saddles, outfits and articles of clothing.

Improved equipment unlocked by completing challenges can also be bought from him. Additionally, while browsing his shop, the Trapper can be heard making various remarks about fellow trappers, telling anecdotes of previous hunting experiences, or even sharing rumors of sightings of peculiar animals.



You young bucks have it easy. I once tracked an ill tempered moose four days across an ice sheet for a square meal.
The Trapper

The Trapper is a grizzled, no-nonsense individual. Although he is generally respectful towards his customers, he also isn't afraid of expressing his feelings about city folk and young people, ranging from amusement at their inexperience to annoyance towards their pamperedness and entitlement.


The Trapper is an older fellow with an long, brown, unkempt beard, wearing a dirty-yellow shirt with a blue undershirt beneath and a brown hat.


There are various Trapper locations across the map.

All locations of the Trapper


In addition to selling items and equipment, trappers will also craft clothing for players who provide the necessary components, for a price. The below tables detail these crafted items, the garment sets they're a part of or otherwise, and the saddles that can be made by the Trapper, provided that he has the right materials and fees.

Garment Sets

The Bear Hunter Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Bear Head Hat 40.00 Legendary Bear Pelt (x1)
Legendary Bear Coat 28.00 Legendary Bear Pelt (x1)
Perfect Bison Pelt (x1)
Legendary Bear Roper 34.00 Legendary Bear Pelt (x1)
Perfect Bull Hide (x1)
Boar Riding Gloves 15.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Perfect Rabbit Pelt (x2)
TOTAL 117.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Trophy Buck Set Cost ($) Components
Raccoon Mountain Hat 21.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x1)
Perfect Raccoon Pelt (x1)
Hawk Feather (x2)
Legendary Buck Vest 26.00 Legendary Buck Pelt (x1)
Perfect Ram Hide (x1)
Legendary Fox Moccasins 40.00 Legendary Fox Pelt (x1)
Perfect Elk Pelt (x1)
Legendary Buck & Fox Range Gloves 28.00 Legendary Buck Pelt (x1)
Legendary Fox Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 115.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Dreamcatcher Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Beaver Flop Hat 22.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt (x1)
Legendary Boar Pelt (x1)
Cardinal Feather (x1)
Legendary Bison Vest 30.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison PeltEP1 (x1)
Legendary Bison Batwing Chaps 32.00 Legendary Tatanka Bison PeltEP1 (x1)
Legendary Boar & Bison Fowlers 37.00 Legendary Boar Pelt (x1)
Legendary Tatanka Bison PeltEP1 (x1)
Legendary Beaver Cavalry Gloves 18.00 Legendary Beaver Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 139.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Beast of Prey Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Cougar Flop Hat 19.00 Legendary Cougar PeltEP1 (x1)
Turkey Feather (x2)
Legendary Cougar & Wolf Vest 42.00 Legendary Cougar PeltEP1 (x1)
Legendary Wolf Pelt (x1)
Legendary Wolf Batwing Chaps 34.00 Legendary Wolf Pelt (x1)
Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Bull Fowler Boots 29.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Perfect Bull Hide (x1)
Legendary Cougar Riding Gloves 20.00 Legendary Cougar PeltEP1 (x1)
Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 144.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Huntsman Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Coyote Mountain Hat 23.00 Legendary Coyote Pelt (x1)
Eagle Feather (x2)
Legendary Pronghorn Coat 35.00 Legendary Pronghorn HideEP1 (x1)
Perfect Moose Pelt (x1)
Legendary Coyote Half Chaps 20.00 Legendary Coyote Pelt (x1)
Perfect Fox Pelt (x2)
Workman's Pride Boots 28.00 Perfect Cow Hide (x1)
Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Legendary Pronghorn Range Gloves 17.00 Legendary Pronghorn HideEP1 (x1)
Perfect Muskrat Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 123.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Death Roll Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Alligator Gambler's Hat 22.00 Legendary Alligator SkinCH6 (x1)
Perfect Snake Skin (x2)
Legendary Panther Cloak 45.00 Legendary Panther PeltMH9 (x1)
Legendary Alligator Vest 35.00 Legendary Alligator SkinCH6 (x1)
Legendary Alligator Fowlers 35.00 Legendary Alligator SkinCH6 (x1)
Legendary Panther Range Gloves 30.00 Legendary Panther PeltMH9 (x1)
Perfect Gila Monster SkinEP1 (x1)
TOTAL 167.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Stalker Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary Ram Hat 17.00 Legendary Ram Hide (x1)
Legendary Moose Hunting Jacket 24.00 Legendary Moose Pelt (x1)
Perfect Wolf Pelt (x1)
Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps 33.00 Legendary Ram Hide (x1)
Legendary Moose Moccasins 22.00 Legendary Moose Pelt (x1)
Perfect Cow Hide (x1)
Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves 12.00 Legendary Ram Hide (x1)
Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 108.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Ghost Bison Set Cost ($) Components
Legendary White Bison Hat 45.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt (x1)
Legendary White Bison Coat 29.00 Legendary White Bison Pelt (x1)
Legendary Elk Half Chaps 16.00 Legendary Elk Pelt (x1)
Perfect Sheep Hide (x1)
Legendary Elk Moccasins 30.00 Legendary Elk Pelt (x1)
Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Legendary Elk Range Gloves 13.00 Legendary Elk Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 133.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Rattler Set Cost ($) Components
Ram Sombrero 10.00 Perfect Ram Hide (x1)
Outdoorsmen Vest 22.00 Perfect Pronghorn Hide (x1)
Javelina Half Chaps 18.00 Perfect Collared Peccary Pig PeltEP1 (x1)
Perfect Snake Skin (x1)
Iguana Range Gloves 27.00 Perfect Collared Peccary Pig PeltEP1 (x1)
Perfect Iguana Skin (x2)
TOTAL 77.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Wrangler Set Cost ($) Components
Goat Flop Hat 12.00 Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Perfect Pronghorn Hide (x1)
Trapper's Cloak 32.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (x1)
No-Man's Vest 27.00 Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Perfect Panther Pelt (x1)
Two Toned Moccasins 15.00 Perfect Buck Pelt (x1)
Moose Range Gloves 22.00 Perfect Moose Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 96.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Bronco Buster Set Cost ($) Components
Elk Flop Hat 12.00 Perfect Elk Pelt (x1)
Coyote Scout Jacket 20.00 Perfect Coyote Pelt (x1)
Perfect Ox Hide (x1)
Huntsman Vest 25.00 Perfect Deer Pelt (x1)
Perfect Sheep Hide (x1)
Boar Fringed Shotgun Chaps 25.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x2)
Pigskin Rifleman Gloves 8.00 Perfect Pig Hide (x1)
TOTAL 90.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Marauder Set Cost ($) Components
Muskrat Cavalry Hat 15.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt (x1)
Perfect Rabbit Pelt (x4)
Principal Vest 18.00 Perfect Cow Hide (x1)
Perfect Deer Pelt (x1)
Bull Fringed Shotgun Chaps 18.00 Perfect Bull Hide (x1)
Snake Skin Cavalry Gloves 26.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Perfect Snake Skin (x1)
TOTAL 77.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Bounty Hunter Set Cost ($) Components
Plantation Slouch Hat 15.00 Perfect Bison Pelt (x1)
Beaver Hunting Jacket 21.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x2)
Perfect Cow Hide (x1)
Sheepskin Vest 20.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (x2)
Pronghorn Half Chaps 7.00 Perfect Pronghorn Hide (x1)
Buck Riding Gloves 5.00 Perfect Buck Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 68.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Desperado Set Cost ($) Components
Beaver Drifter Hat 20.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x2)
Wolf Coat 25.00 Perfect Ram Hide (x1)
Perfect Wolf Pelt (x1)
Billy Vest 32.00 Perfect Armadillo SkinEP1 (x2)
Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Boar & Bull Fowler Boots 31.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Perfect Ox Hide (x1)
Winter Cavalry Gloves 25.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt (x2)
Perfect Rabbit Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 133.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Night Wrangler Set Cost ($) Components
Coyote Gambler's Hat 16.00 Perfect Coyote Pelt (x2)
Cougar Cutaway Coat 39.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt (x1)
Perfect Cougar Pelt (x2)
Wilderness Vest 28.00 Perfect Panther Pelt (x1)
Perfect Wolf Pelt (x1)
Moose Half Chaps 10.00 Perfect Moose Pelt (x1)
Badger Rifleman Gloves 10.00 Perfect Badger Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 103.00 Animal Hunting Guide
The Mountain Man Set Cost ($) Components
Grenadier Hat 24.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x1)
Perfect Muskrat Pelt (x1)
Ram Shotgun Coat 45.00 Perfect Ram Hide (x2)
Country Vest 25.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x1)
Perfect Buck Pelt (x1)
Elk Riding Gloves 12.00 Perfect Elk Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 106.00 Animal Hunting Guide

Non-Set Piece Clothing

Hats & Accessories Cost ($) Components
Badger Mountain Hat 26.00 Perfect Badger Pelt (x1)
Beaver Mountain Hat 28.00 Perfect Beaver Pelt (x1)
Fox Mountain Hat 30.00 Perfect Fox Pelt (x1)
Skunk Mountain Hat 23.00 Perfect Skunk Pelt (x1)
Bear Grenadier Hat 24.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt (x1)
Squirrel Flat Cap 16.00 Perfect Squirrel Pelt (x6)
Rat Flat Cap 12.00 Perfect Rat Pelt (x10)
Snake Bulldogger Cap 23.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (x1)
Perfect Snake Skin (x1)
Iguana Big Valley Hat 14.00 Perfect Cow Hide (x1)
Perfect Iguana Skin (x1)
Gila Monster Gambler's Hat 16.00 Perfect Elk Pelt (x1)
Perfect Gila Monster SkinEP1 (x1)
Pronghorn Flop Hat 12.00 Perfect Opossum Pelt (x4)
Perfect Pronghorn Hide (x1)
Deer Cavalry Hat 20.00 Perfect Deer Pelt (x1)
Raven Feather (x10)
Bison Gambler's Hat 18.00 Perfect Bison Pelt (x1)
Oriole Feather (x4)
Robin Feather (x4)
Rat Infantry Hardee Hat 17.00 Perfect Goat Hide (x1)
Perfect Rat Pelt (x6)
Stalker Accessory 13.00 Condor FeatherEP1 (x1)
Loon Feather (x2)
Raven Feather (x3)
Scavenger Accessory 11.00 Seagull Feather (x1)
Vulture Feather (x1)
Native Accessory 10.00 Pheasant Feather (x1)
Robin Feather (x3)
Sparrow Feather (x4)
Pilgrim Accessory 11.00 Blue Jay Feather (x3)
Cedar Waxwing Feather (x2)
Turkey Feather (x1)
Huntsman Accessory 10.00 Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Hawk Feather (x1)
Quail Feather (x2)
Pioneer Accessory 11.00 Chicken Feather (x3)
Duck Feather (x3)
Turkey Feather (x3)
Rococo Accessory 15.00 Cardinal Feather (x2)
Crow Feather (x2)
Glorious Accessory 10.00 Oriole Feather (x1)
Woodpecker Feather (x4)
Pursuer Accessory 13.00 Eagle Feather (x2)
Pigeon Feather (x2)
Majestic Accessory 15.00 Rooster Feather (x4)
Songbird Feather (x2)
Woodpecker Feather (x2)
Homestead Accessory 10.00 Chicken Feather (x1)
Goose Feather (x2)
Judicious Accessory 10.00 Owl Feather (x1)
Pheasant Feather (x1)
Vests Cost ($) Components
Rugged Wrangler Vest 23.00 Perfect Pig Hide (x1)
Hinterland Vest 21.00 Perfect Ram Hide (x1)
Rustic Vest 23.00 Perfect Cougar Pelt (x1)
Chaps Cost ($) Components
Bear Batwing Chaps 27.00 Perfect Bear Pelt (x1)
Ox Fringed Shotgun Chaps 15.00 Perfect Ox Hide (x1)
Elk Fringed Shotgun Chaps 21.00 Perfect Elk Pelt (x1)
Moose Batwing Chaps 10.00 Perfect Moose Pelt (x1)
Batwing Chaps 12.00 Perfect Deer Pelt (x1)
Bear Fringed Shotgun Chaps 38.00 Perfect Black Bear Pelt (x1)
Sheep Batwing Chaps 35.00 Perfect Sheep Hide (x2)
Muskrat Half Chaps 5.00 Perfect Muskrat Pelt (x2)
Deer Pelt Half Chaps 9.00 Perfect Deer Pelt (x1)
Boots Cost ($) Components
Javelina Moccasins 33.00 Perfect Collared Peccary Pig PeltEP1 (x2)
Skunk Trapper Boots 39.00 Perfect Skunk Pelt (x2)
Moccasins 17.00 Perfect Buck Pelt (x1)


The Trapper can make saddles for free. He simply requires the right pelts. These saddles can't be customized the same way as stable-bought saddles can, and the player won't be able to customize horns and stirrups. However, these saddles will provide much better reductions to horse core drain rates, improve horse stamina regeneration, reduce horse stamina depletion, and boost horse speed and acceleration.

As such, not only are these saddles much better than what the stables can offer, but they let the player save a lot of money on horse tack. Below are the saddles that the Trapper can craft, their bonuses and components required to make them.

Saddle Horse ST Core Drain Horse HP Core Drain Horse ST Regen Components
Rattlesnake Vaquero Saddle -24% -22% +24% Perfect Snake Skin (x10)
Cougar McClelland Saddle -22% -20% +20% Perfect Cougar Pelt (x1)
Boar Mother Hubbard Saddle -20% -22% +20% Perfect Boar Pelt (x1)
Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle -20% -24% +22% Perfect Alligator Skin (x1)
Bear Dakota Saddle -24% -20% +22% Perfect Bear Pelt (x1)
Beaver Roping Saddle -20% -26% +24% Perfect Beaver Pelt (x1)
Panther Trail Saddle -26% -20% +24% Perfect Panther Pelt (x1)
NOTE: All Trapper-Crafted Saddles reduce horse stamina depletion by 50% when sprinting, jumping and swimming, and boost horse speed and acceleration by 2 points, whenever they are equipped.

Reinforced Equipment

Arthur can buy Upgraded Bandoliers, Gun Belts and Holsters from gunsmiths. Additionally, the second holster he receives from Micah during Blessed are the Meek? immediately becomes an Upgraded Off-Hand Holster if the Upgraded Holster has been purchased prior to or after the mission.

The Upgraded Bandolier increases ammo capacity for repeater, rifle and shotgun ammo. The Upgraded Gun Belt increases ammo capacity for revolver and pistol ammo. And the Upgraded Holsters reduce the amount of maintenance required for holstered weapons.

However, the player can also unlock and purchase Reinforced Equipment from the Trapper by completing the ambient challenges in the game. Aside from further increasing ammo capacity and reducing required gun maintenance, not only does Reinforced Equipment unlock cosmetic customization options for the Bandolier, Gun Belt and Holsters, but unlocking whole sets of Reinforced Equipment allows the player to increase their Max Health, Stamina and Deadeye beyond Level 8. Further below are tables containing the different Reinforced Equipment sets, the prices of their pieces and challenge requirements.

Unlocking and purchasing one set of Reinforced Equipment allows the player to increase that set's corresponding stat to Level 9. Players can then increase that stat to Level 10 by unlocking and purchasing the other two sets that correspond to the same stat.

For example, if a player completes all of the Bandit challenges and purchases all of the Bandit equipment from the Trapper, the player can then increase their Max Stamina to Level 9. If the player then completes all of the Gambler and Master Hunter challenges and purchases their equipment sets, they'll be allowed to increase their Max Stamina to Level 10.

Given that the challenge Herbalist 9 requires access to New Austin to complete, Arthur won't be able to fully unlock and purchase the Herbalist set. As such, John will have to complete the challenges that Arthur couldn't during the Epilogue, in order to completely unlock all 9 sets.

Horseman Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Horseman Bandolier 17.75 Complete Horseman Challenge 7
Horseman Gun Belt 16.00 Complete Horseman Challenge 1
Horseman Holster 13.00 Complete Horseman Challenge 3
Horseman Off-Hand Holster 13.00 Complete Horseman Challenge 10
TOTAL 59.75 Horseman Challenge Guide
Sharpshooter Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Sharpshooter Bandolier 20.00 Complete Sharpshooter Challenge 1
Sharpshooter Gun Belt 18.00 Complete Sharpshooter Challenge 10
Sharpshooter Holster 14.75 Complete Sharpshooter Challenge 3
Sharpshooter Off-Hand Holster 14.75 Complete Sharpshooter Challenge 7
TOTAL 67.50 Sharpshooter Challenge Guide
Weapons Expert Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Weapons Expert Bandolier 17.00 Complete Weapons Expert Challenge 10
Weapons Expert Gun Belt 15.25 Complete Weapons Expert Challenge 3
Weapons Expert Holster 12.25 Complete Weapons Expert Challenge 1
Weapons Expert Off-Hand Holster 12.25 Complete Weapons Expert Challenge 7
TOTAL 56.75 Weapons Expert Challenge Guide
Bandit Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Bandit Bandolier 21.75 Complete Bandit Challenge 1
Gun Bandit Belt 19.50 Complete Bandit Challenge 10
Bandit Holster 16.00 Complete Bandit Challenge 3
Bandit Off-Hand Holster 16.00 Complete Bandit Challenge 7
TOTAL 73.25 Bandit Challenge Guide
Gambler Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Gambler Bandolier 21.00 Complete Gambler Challenge 3
Gambler Gun Belt 18.75 Complete Gambler Challenge 7
Gambler Holster 15.25 Complete Gambler Challenge 1
Gambler Off-Hand Holster 15.25 Complete Gambler Challenge 10
TOTAL 70.25 Gambler Challenge Guide
Master Hunter Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Master Hunter Bandolier 24.50 Complete Master Hunter Challenge 3
Master Hunter Gun Belt 22.00 Complete Master Hunter Challenge 7
Master Hunter Holster 18.00 Complete Master Hunter Challenge 10
Master Hunter Off-Hand Holster 18.00 Complete Master Hunter Challenge 1
TOTAL 82.50 Master Hunter Challenge Guide
Explorer Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Explorer Bandolier 34.75 Complete Explorer Challenge 3
Explorer Gun Belt 31.25 Complete Explorer Challenge 7
Explorer Holster 25.25 Complete Explorer Challenge 1
Explorer Off-Hand Holster 25.25 Complete Explorer Challenge 10
TOTAL 116.50 Explorer Challenge Guide
Herbalist Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Herbalist Bandolier 30.25 Complete Herbalist Challenge 10
Herbalist Gun Belt 27.25 Complete Herbalist Challenge 3
Herbalist Holster 22.00 Complete Herbalist Challenge 7
Herbalist Off-Hand Holster 22.00 Complete Herbalist Challenge 1
TOTAL 101.50 Herbalist Challenge Guide
Survivalist Set Cost ($) Unlock Criteria
Survivalist Bandolier 27.25 Complete Survivalist Challenge 7
Survivalist Gun Belt 24.50 Complete Survivalist Challenge 1
Survivalist Holster 19.75 Complete Survivalist Challenge 10
Survivalist Off-Hand Holster 19.75 Complete Survivalist Challenge 3
TOTAL 91.25 Survivalist Challenge Guide


Nothing quite like wearing your best day's work.
The Trapper, when the player views his buying options
One of a kind pelts make one of a kind garments - worth the legwork, I assure you.
The Trapper
Best trapper I ever knew? My fourth wife - Native. We'd find a trail while the bloodhound was still sniffing its own ass. Hell of a woman, rest her soul.
The Trapper
You know, if I hear one more of my trappers tell a story of a snow white boar out in the Bluewater Marsh, I'm gonna start thinking there's something to it.
The Trapper
A lot of folk wanna apprentice under me. Heh. I got no competition, why would I want some?
The Trapper
I've run this stall all the way from here to the border, the northern border, that is. And I've never been out of work.
The Trapper
Wish I never had to take my stall into the city, just like I wish country folk had any damn money.
The Trapper
Mexicans make some fine trappers, you know. I got an old war buddy down in Rio Bravo who's one of the best. Feed him tequila, he'll tell you about the time he saw "El berrendo blanco" - The White Pronghorn.
The Trapper
I'd wager I can travel faster with this stall in tow than you or anyone can with nothing but a horse and a saddle. It's not about speed - it's about knowing the land.
The Trapper
Sure, you'll see a difference right away.
The Trapper, after the player buys reinforced equipment
Very wise.
The Trapper, after the player purchases something in his shop
Every one of my garments is a little different, because every pelt is a little different. You'll find them nowhere else.
The Trapper
Dakota, Tall Trees, Big Valley, Roanoke - I run this stall just about everywhere. Best way to source the skins.
The Trapper
A lot of folk hunt, but not so many know their way around a needle and thread. It's good business, I'm telling you.
The Trapper
Safe travels!
The Trapper, after the player leaves his shop having bought or sold something


  • The only states the Trapper doesn't operate in are Ambarino and New Austin.
  • The player is not required to bring all needed pelts to the trapper at once as pelts already sold can be used later on.

Hunting Notes

  • EP1 denotes an animal that can only be found in New Austin during the Epilogue, after completing Chapter 6.
  • CH6 denotes an animal that can only be found in Lagras from Chapter 6 onwards.
  • MH9 denotes an animal that can only be found in southern Lemoyne upon completing Master Hunter Challenge 9.


  • The Trapper is the favorite Red Dead Redemption 2 character of both Steve J. Palmer and Peter Blomquist.[1]
  • If the player walks up to him while carrying a Legendary animal pelt the Trapper will make a comment depending on which specific pelt is brought to him.
  • A loading screen of his shop reveals that he had a different looking PED model during the beta stages of the game.
  • His shop at the Saint Denis marketplace is the only one which is not open 24/7.



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