Trent Oxley is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Trent lives at the MacFarlane's Ranch, where he sells the newspaper. He is also a duelist in New Austin when the player has low Honor. When challenging the player to a duel, he mentions a deceased cousin.


You cold hearted bastard! You killed my cousin and, here you are, bold as brass! You and me’s gonna draw so I can bury you for good!
Trent Oxley challenging the player to a duel.
Let's step over there so everyone can see me drop you!
Trent Oxley challenging Marston to a duel


  • He can be encountered during the evening by the fire at the MacFarlane's Ranch with the other workers.
  • Trent wears a holster only when he is challenging Marston.
  • He is the ranch hands complimenting John's harvest during the mission "Old Friends, New Problems"



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