It takes a real gunfighter to handle two pistols at once. Think you have the stones?
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Twin Revolvers is a weapon featured in Red Dead Revolver.


The most popular weapon in the West, the U.S. Cavalry uses these weapons throughout their raids into the Southern territories.
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One of the only weapons allowing dual-wielding, the twin revolvers are simply a dual version of the standard revolver model found in Red Dead Revolver. Their major advantage over their single-handed counterpart and other sidearms in the game is their higher magazine capacity, twelve bullets. They share similar stats with the one-armed revolver but suffer a slow reloading speed due to their dual nature.

There is a special version of the twin revolvers dubbed "Showstoppers", custom-made twin revolvers exclusively used by Jack Swift.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Twin Revolvers is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 30 - 31 under the Side Arms section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing the weapon.


Most folks can't handle two at a time. Watch out for them who can. You can start shootin' on Monday and keep it up into Saturday night. Seems like it takes a week to reload 'em too.
Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

The revolvers are first available for purchase from the shop at the start of the mission "Rogue Valley". They cost $800.


If used for two chapters, the twin revolvers can be upgraded once. A second upgrade is available if the player finishing the chapter "Sunset Canyon" with a Good rating.


  • In Showdown Mode, one of the available power-ups is "Diego's Twin Revolvers". Diego does not use Twin Revolvers during the game, however.
  • The Cattleman Revolver from Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II uses the same model as the single-handed and dual-handed revolver.
  • If Red duels with Twin Revolvers equipped, he will shoot with one, but re-holster both of them.


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