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For the location in Red Dead Redemption, see Twin Rocks.

Twin Rocks is a location in Red Dead Revolver. It consists of three small shacks and two outcropping, large rock pillars. It is the setting of the second mission in the game.


Twin Rocks is a small, deserted outpost somewhere far in the desert. Its name is derived from the two towering rocks that are seen on both horizontal sides of the outpost. It is unknown what this outpost was used for prior to the events leading up to Red Dead Revolver, but it is assumed that "Bloody" Tom and his gang either killed the past residents of Twin Rocks or took over the outpost not long after it was abandoned. Red Harlow comes here with his dog during the second mission with intention of killing "Bloody" Tom and collecting the bounty.

After killing "Bloody" Tom, Greg "Big Oaf" Whitney, and George "Loaf" Whitney, Red took their bodies and headed to Widow's Patch for his reward money.



Exterior: The exterior of Twin Rocks is made up of the two large rocky pillars, and a collapsed wall that seemed to have served as a border for the outpost during some time in the past. The outpost is bordered all around by harsh desert terrain, and all around tumbleweeds can be seen rolling in the distance.

House 1: This small building resides just below one of the rocky pillars. It is mainly empty with a small table, and an overturned chair inside. The roof of this building is a prime spot for Red to pick off the residing gang from.

House 2: The house in the middle. This inside of this small shack is barren, there is trash on the floor inside. The backside of this house is one of the best places to take cover in Multiplayer games. "Bloody" Tom makes his debut from the inside of this small shack.

House 3: This house is also barren inside, and rests under one of the rock pillars. Red can take cover near the backside of this building to take shelter from the hail of bullets the gang is liable to shoot at him. In multiplayer, if someone is sniping from the roof of the first house, the backside of this house is a prime cover option.


  • In Red Dead Redemption, there is a nearly identical gang hideout called "Twin Rocks". Rockstar stated in an interview that the Twin Rocks hideout in Redemption, is based on the abandoned outpost in Revolver.[1]
    • Redemption's version of Twin Rocks is larger and features shacks that are more "fleshed out", as many furniture items and paintings were added to their interiors.
  • The mission that takes place in Twin Rocks is the only mission that Red's dog is alive outside of cutscenes.

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