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Twin Stack Pass is a natural formation in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in The Heartlands region of the New Hanover territory.

It lies just southwest of Cornwall Kerosene & Tar.


  • On the rock stack to the north of the main road is an abandoned camp with a lockbox containing Aged Pirate Rum and money. Near this is a rope hanging down the cliff. Near the top of the rock stack is a small rock ledge where the protagonist may sit facing west to watch a sunset.
  • On the rock stack to the south near the top, there is a ledge where the protagonist may sit facing east.
  • At the main road interchange to the northeast is a lockbox beneath an abandoned wagon containing chewing tobacco, Ginseng Elixir, jewelry, and Kentucky Bourbon.
  • South of the main road, past the peak, is an Oil Derrick. At the bottom of the well beneath this is the Heartlands Oil Field Bone. On a crate within the nearby abandoned camp is Ginseng Elixir.
  • Following the dried-up river from the Oil Derrick leads to the Heartlands Southern Gorge Bone. It is near the top of a hill to the southeast.
  • Proceeding southeast of here and almost to the road is a tree containing hanging bottles. Ginseng Elixir can be found here.
  • Twin Stack Peaks bears a close resemblance to Scotts Bluff in Nebraska.
  • There is an ambush by either O'Driscoll Boys or unaffiliated criminals that triggers when the player passes through the location.