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Jonah and Eli, two Armadillo deputies

U.S. Lawmen are one type of Law Enforcement Factions found in Red Dead Redemption. They will usually go after Marston if he is seen committing a crime by law enforcement officers or witnesses. If Marston kills a lawmen, his Bounty will increase and he will lose 100 honor. The bounty will go up $50 for every lawmen killed. The 100 lost honor points is double the normal 50 for killing a civilian. This could be to discourage players from killing lawmen carelessly (or a faster way to lose honor, alternatively). If Marston is wearing the Bureau Uniform, U.S. Lawmen will not pursue him if he commits crimes. They will appear in multiplayer free roam sessions if the player commits a crime. Unlike singleplayer though, there are no witnesses to crimes. Instead, the law will just come after you.

There is no bounty limit in Multiplayer.

It is also noted that under the category of crimes in multiplayer, the player can assume that the Mexican Army is considered the law enforcement of Mexico as there is no category for them and they are collectively included with the US Marshals and lawmen under the category "counts of murder of Law officer".

The U.S. Lawmen can also be chosen as characters in multiplayer along with their Mexican Law counterparts, known as the "Federales".



  • The U.S. Lawmen have two types of badges. One that has five branches and has the word "posse" written on it, with the other having six branches and the word "sheriff" on it.

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