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US Marshals are the Law Enforcement around Blackwater. There are also 8 playable US Marshal characters in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer. A Marshal is the oldest form of law enforcement in the United States, Marshals in Red Dead Redemption are usually in charge of one county.

US Marshal Badge

A notable member of the Marshals is Leigh Johnson; the Sheriff of Armadillo.

Once you gain a bounty of $1000 or more the Marshals themselves will try to hunt the player down.

Even in settlements like Armadillo, the Marshals will still come into town and attempt to bring Marston down.

Rockstar has released the US Marshals as of Friday, October 1st. You now have access to the Marshals' skins in the Outfitter. For more information on these characters see here.


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Evade the US Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-bred in singleplayer.



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