(Red Harlow meets Sheriff O'Grady in the middle of Widow's Patch.)

Red: How much for the lot?

O' Grady: Well you did good son... But... You're out of luck. Take a look around there ain't much 'er I wanna to offer ya. Ugly Gang has done destroyin' my town.

Bandit: Look at that mangsy mut!

Udo: He, he! Best you'd ugly dog get away from my fancy boots of my.

(Udo shoots the dog, kills him instaly)

Chicken: Damn Warmint!

Bandit: Hide!

Udo: Die! (Red shoots him) Ouu! Damn you!

Chicken: Who did that?

(Red shoots and defeates Chicken. But some of Chris's gangsters (one of them is Jacques Markus) appear on the balcony of the houses.)

Jaques: Best ya just go out there and pistol-whip your ass!

(red kills them all, but Hedgehog and some of the thugs again appear)

Hedgehog: Die!

(Red again kills 'em all. And William comes out of the Saloon and chellens the player to a duel)

William: I'm gonna kill U, and use you to whipe my be-hide!

(Red wins the duel)

Gigolo: I'm lookin' at a DEAD MAN!

(Red kills him)

(O' Grady runs outta his office and Ugly Chris also jumps out)

Chris: Were are ya runnin' off to Sheriff!? You may have beaten my gang but ya ain't gonna get by me!

(After a long battle Red finally kills Chris. But The Sheriff is very wounded and needs help)

Katie: Excuse me mister, mister pls can you help me? You gotta help my father, there is no doctor left in this town.

O'Grady: The closes doctors's in Brimstone. Sheriff Bartlett might as well give you a handsome reward if you think you can get me there.

Katy: I w'll send a telegram and tell him 'bout your rival.

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