The Ugly gang is an antagonistic gang featured in Red Dead Revolver.



The Ugly Gang was founded and led by "Ugly" Chris Bailey, and a few gang "officers" such as "Hedgehog", "Chicken", "Whiskey", and "Gigolo". The gang took over Widow's Patch from Sheriff O'Grady, however they spared his life due to Chris' affection to his daughter, Katie O'Grady.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Red Harlow arrives in town during the mission "Ugly Streetfight". Sheriff O'Grady informs Red that because the Ugly Gang has taken over the town and stolen all of the money, he cannot pay Red. Some of the Ugly gang shoots and kills Red's dog which angers Red and provokes him to attack the gang, killing them, as well most of the other gang members.

"Ugly" Chris then comes from the Sheriff's office and takes Sheriff O'Grady as both; a hostage and human shield. After a long battle, Chris is gunned down by Red and the Ugly Gang is no more.

Known members

Mission appearances

Red Dead Revolver


  • Most of the gang members use a Six-Shooter or Sawed-off Shotgun as a weapon.
  • The Ugly Gang was originally going to be fought at the Broken Creek as seen in beta trailers for the game.
    • Broken Creek's journal page also includes a picture of Ugly Chris, meaning the idea was scrapped at the last second.
  • Not counting Bob Larson, Jacques Markus is the only known Ugly gang member that is not a playable character.

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