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Undead Bull
3D model of an Undead Bull
Scientific Name Bos taurus
Loot Undead Bull Eye
Undead Bull Horns
Location Tall Trees
Hennigan's Stead
Location Map
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The Undead bull is an animal found in Red Dead Redemption with the Undead Nightmare DLC. It is the undead equivalent of the standard Bull from the main game.


Undead bulls are similar in appearance to the normal bulls in Red Dead Redemption, but are darker in color and have parts of the ribs, skull, and spine exposed. Also like normal bulls, they can be hostile, and will charge when attacked. They are capable of soaking up many bullets if shot anywhere else beside their head, so be sure to concentrate your fire on their head. When killed and skinned, an Undead Bull can be looted for its eyes and horns, but these serve no purpose in the game.


This animal can be found in most areas other than Tall Trees. It is most active in and around the area of Hennigan's Stead, but is also common in some parts of southeastern Nuevo Paraiso.


  • Occasionally you will see a group of undead dressed in rancher clothing with two-four Undead Bull around.
  • They are one of the few undead that will not blow up when hit by Death.
  • An Undead Bull can be seen in the bullfighting pen in Escalera during the mission "A Civilized Man".
  • Undead bulls seem to be more common when wearing the Rancher Outfit.[citation needed]
  • There is a glitch where sometimes when it is shot in the head, it will stay in place for about half a second and then it will fall over and die. Sometimes it will shake rapidly for a split second when it falls over.