Undead Coyote
Coyote zombi
3D model of the Undead Coyote
Scientific Name Canis latrans
Loot Undead Coyote Claw
Undead Coyote Heart
Undead Coyote Eye
Undead Coyote Teeth
Location Various locations in New Austin and Nuevo Paraíso
Location Map
Placeholder location

Undead Coyote is an animal found in the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption. They are the undead equivalent of the coyotes found in the main game.


Undead Coyotes usually travel in large packs and can easily be mistaken for undead dogs. They can be identified by their skeletal appearance and distinctive sounds. They are more aggressive than their living counterparts, as the use of a melee weapon such as a Torch will not deter them unlike before. When a player encounters an Undead Coyote pack on a special mount, like Death or War, the coyotes will yip and run. When encountered on foot, however, a full pack of four to five Undead Coyotes can kill the player easily. They are swift and only die when shot in the head, which often requires Dead-Eye due to their speed. Undead Coyotes are much more powerful than their living counterparts.


Undead Coyotes can be found in every territory in the game, however this is where they are most commonly found.

West Elizabeth

New Austin

Nuevo Paraíso


  • When Coyotes start to circle, quickly select a gun that reloads quickly, such as the Evans Repeater or Pump-action Shotgun to aid you. Be sure to use Dead-Eye as much as possible to get good shots on them.
  • If they are closing in, but are still a little way off, use a throwing weapon like Dynamite or Holy Water to buy enough time to whistle for your mount and then ride off.
  • Do not use the Torch unless they are in small numbers or riding one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, because the time it takes to swing the torch is too long to stop a pack of Undead coyotes.
  • A good tactic is to use the Semi-Auto Shotgun and dodge them. With each dodge, shoot another one in the head.
  • Always verify ammo supply before entering an area with coyotes.
  • Shooting near an unaware pack will cause them to scatter.


  • They can be seen chasing people in Random Encounters.
  • The Undead Coyotes strongly resemble the famished, emaciated dogs in the regular Redemption.


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