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A master undead hunter outfit - comes equipped with a relic that replenishes ammunition and items.
In-game description.

Undead Hunter Outfit is an outfit featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare expansion pack.


In-game description following completion of the DLC's story mode.

Upon unlocking this outfit, a holy relic is placed in Marston's inventory. When the said relic is used, John's ammunition is replenished and consumable items are added to his inventory. The relic can be used only once per in-game day.

The outfit's name changes to Army of the Undead when the player completes "On a Pale Horse" and finishes the DLC.


Undead Hunter Outfit can be acquired by completing the following requirements:


  • (XboxLogo.png/PS3Logo.png) Sometimes when playing as Zombie Marston, when firing a cannon or switching outfits, the right arm will go missing and will stay missing until the player is killed.


  • This outfit bears a striking resemblance to that worn by the character Ash for part of the movie Army of Darkness, the third part of the Evil Dead series. This is probably an intended reference seeing as Ash is famous for killing denizens of the undead. This is further hinted at as the name of the outfit once you are able to finish the storyline changes to "Army of the Undead". Although in the movie, the character's shirt was blue, not white.
  • The relic received from wearing the outfit resembles the Obscuridad del Santo Andres item from the base game.
  • There is a green stain on the right side of his shirt, about the size of a Retcher's vomit splatter.
  • According to a pre release newswire article, this outfit was called the "Zombie Hunter" outfit. [1]
  • Whilst wearing the 'Undead Hunter' Outfit, Marston's face is covered in dirt.



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