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Undead Wolf is one of the new Undead Animals found in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Undead Wolves are much like their living counterparts: fast, vicious, and a tendency to travel in packs of 3-7. However, they can only be killed in the same ways as any other Undead (e.g. headshots, Holy Water, Blunderbuss). But there have been occasions when a headshot or throwing weapon was not required, this occurs mostly when using the double-barrel shotgun

One other particularly distinguishing characteristic is the color of the Undead Wolves' fur, which tends to be darker than their living counterparts, seeming to be almost jet black like Lobo the Wolf from the normal game.

Undead Wolves are far more aggressive now. Instead them of retreating when one of their pack members are killed, they will relentlessly attack the player.

Like all Undead Animals in the Undead Nightmare, Undead Wolves cannot be skinned for furs or harvested for meat. However, John can obtain Undead Wolf Teeth, which serve no purpose at all.


Outrunning Undead Wolves will prove useless as they will outrun the player and grab onto to him. This attracts attention and will cause Undead to spawn around the area and attack as well. Because of their speed, the Torch, Fire Bottles and Holy Water will prove effective.

Undead Wolves can be trampled by horses and dispatched by Death and set ablaze by War.