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Undead animals are unique variations of animal species featured in the Undead Nightmare expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption.


These are animals infected with the undead plague. They are different from their living counterparts in that they appear to be decayed and they can withstand many more shots to the body, but can be brought down by a single shot to the head.

These animals will appear in the same locations as their living counterparts, such undead bears inhabiting Tall Trees.

Undead species

The following are animals infected with the undead curse:

With the exception of bats and horses, all undead species are hostile towards Marston.


  • All of the undead animals can be looted after being killed, the animal parts received however, do not serve as ammo to the Blunderbuss, and in fact serve no practical purpose for the player beyond being collected for viewing in the 'provisions' section of the satchel.
  • In some Towns and landmarks the player may hear the occasional bark of a dog or hoot of an owl implying that there are some non undead animals.
  • Not any of the undead fauna can be skinned (hence the knife being replaced with the torch in the inventory selection), instead John presumably improvises with his bare hands to retrieve what remains of the animal corpses.