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Undead dog
3D model of the Undead Dog
Scientific Name Canis Familiaris
Loot Undead Dog Teeth
Undead Dog Eye
Location Only found in various towns in New Austin and Nuevo Paraíso
Location Map
Placeholder item.png
He came up the street eating dogs! And he loves animals!

Undead dog is an undead animal found in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Undead Dogs are very similar in appearance to Undead Coyotes, with the main difference between them being only that coyotes typically travel in larger packs. They still maintain their main utilities; they still have a small body size.

Undead Dogs are non-hostile and will run away when shot. They are also known to completely run out of under attack towns which make them tedious to kill at times.

It seems that Undead Dogs can only be found while clearing a town from the undead, and come up as an enemy on the map.


Because Undead Dogs run away from the player, melee weapons and thrown weapons will be close to nothing if not useless. However, Undead Bait attracts them and can possibly make the Torch useful on them. Any firing weapon can kill with one headshot. Due to their small size, the use of Dead-Eye is advised.

They can easily be trampled to death by any horse and will be instantly be dispatched by Death and set on fire by War.

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