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A one-piece long underwear, generally made from flannel. Comes equipped with a button-up front, and a buttoned access hatch in the back for midnight runs to the outhouse.

In-game description

The Union Suit is an outfit available for Marston in the Undead Nightmare expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption.


The Union Suit is essentially John Marston's pajamas, and includes a flannel, cream-colored one-piece pajama with a button-up front and a button-up back-flap. It also makes Marston barefoot as well as removes his hat.

Similar to most other standard outfits, the Union Suit has no additional bonuses or benefits when worn.

Following the mission "On a Pale Horse", this outfit is removed from the player's available outfits.


  • A plain version of the outfit is first worn during the playable segment of the mission "Love in the Time of Plague", and is exclusive to this mission.
  • A version that includes a bandolier, a satchel, rifle and sidearm hostlers is obtained following the mission.


  • The third button from the top of John's Union Suit seems to be missing, as there is a buttonhole adjacent to the empty space.
  • Despite Marston being barefoot while wearing this outfit, the Union Suit's sound design and animation details are the same as Marston's other outfits, leaving bootprints on blood or snow, and making boot step noises as the player walks on bridges.
  • Sometimes while walking around freed towns, people will sometimes say "Why is he in his long johns?"; Long john being a common name for this type of outfit/underwear.


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