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Unnamed Outlaw is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



The Unnamed Outlaw is a notorious conman who is wanted for several counts of murder in the Commonwealth of West Elizabeth. According to the Oswald Dunbar, he has escaped execution three times.

At some point, he managed to convince a Blackwater police deputy to unlock his prison cell door, claiming he wouldn't attempt to escape. However, he did precisely that and sought refuge in Pike's Basin with a gang he convinced to protect him in exchange for a stash of hidden money.

Events of Red Dead Online

The Unnamed Outlaw resides with a gang and must be hogtied after the area is cleared. While escorting the outlaw to the police, he presents a deal that if the players let him go free and putting his hat on dead outlaw to fool the sheriff, he will lead them to his money stash. The players can then choose between the honorable choice of bringing him in, or the dishonorable choice of setting him free.

Mission Appearances


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