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The Upper Montana River is a river in Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online in the north border regions of the West Elizabeth territory.

In the first game, the river was unnamed and it served as the uncrossable northern border whereas in the second game, the river has a different form and can now be traversed.


The river starts in the Big Valley region to the west of Strawberry, in the area of the Owanjila Dam, before flowing southwards, past the Tall Trees region. The river then bends to the east and forms the border between Great Plains and Big Valley, further along Hawks Eye Creek empties into the river from the north, to the south of Riggs Station, the river travels a further short distance before emptying into Flat Iron Lake slightly north of Blackwater.

Due to the presence of the Owanjila Dam on the river's northern end, the river and its immediate surrounding is vastly different between 1899 and 1911. The river was quieter, flatter and shallow compared to its later form where strong rapids flow in the river and is noticeably deeper. Another difference is that in 1899, the river can be crossed through and the geography of the area was friendlier than in 1911, where most of its northern face are surrounded by high cliffs and steep ridges.


  • Just north of the northern-most point of the river is one of the Trapper's locations.
  • Northeast of the Trapper is a sign for Strawberry/Pronghorn Ranch. West of this sign and within some rocks is Ginseng Elixir.


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