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Urban Pleasures is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

After receiving a tip from Angelo Bronte about a trolley station in Saint Denis holding a large amount of cash, Dutch, Arthur and Lenny meet to rob it.


Arthur meets Dutch and Lenny in an alley across from the trolley station. The trio put on their bandanas and enter the station, announcing the robbery. Arthur robs three people, and after the clerk opens the door to the safe, Arthur loots it. However, he only finds a few dollars, and Lenny states that there are a large number of armed police outside.

Realizing they'd been set up by Bronte, the pair quickly make an escape plan, and board a trolley as it's moving. They gun down a multitude of police before Dutch tells Arthur to slow down the trolley. Arthur attempts to decrease its speed, but the brakes malfunction and the trolley goes off the rails, crashing on its side in the street.

Shaken, the three fight off more police and make their way through the streets until they come across a wagon. With Lenny driving, Dutch and Arthur kill all of the pursuing lawmen until they eventually escape Saint Denis. The money is split, with Arthur remarking that the three of them each get $15 and a quarter. Lenny then leaves to take Dutch back to camp.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Rob all the customers in the trolley station.
  • Kill 10 lawmen while on the trolley.
  • Prevent any lawmen jumping on the back of the wagon.
  • Shoot the dynamite Lenny throws.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.


Mission failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assaults, kills, or abandons Dutch or Lenny;
  • Allows Dutch or Lenny to be killed;
  • Alerts the law prematurely;
  • Dies.

Video walkthrough


  • This is the only job where the gang don't receive a share of the take. This is likely due to the minimal amount: $47.53.
  • Dutch appears to receive a concussion during this mission when the trolley crashes, though there is no definitive link between this and his increasing mental erratic behavior.
  • Players will unavoidably lose Honor and stack up an amount of bounty in this mission as they need to kill a large number of lawmen during the escape.
  • After this mission, players will be able to remain in Dead Eye after firing if they do not have any targets tagged.
  • If followed after the mission, the wagon carrying Dutch and Lenny will disappear, and Lenny will be standing in the middle of the road, invulnerable to all harm, except fire bottles. When killed, his corpse will instantly disappear.


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