Well, the dagos here don't appreciate the terrible needs we answer.

Uriah Tollets, regarding the opium trade

Uriah Tollets is a minor character and a Stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption. He appears in and gives the player the Stranger side-mission "Poppycock".



Tollets is an older man who an immigrant to Mexico. He operates out of the Mayor's Office in Chuparosa as a distributor in an opium-smuggling ring. He looks down on Mexico and its inhabitants despite having immigrated there and refers to them derogatorily as "dagos", which is a disparaging epithet (the term primarily referred to Italian-Americans, although it soon became a catchall term for anyone of Southern Europe/Hispanic descent in the United States).

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Marston is approached by Tollets in Chuparosa. He offers payment if Marston is to successfully deliver a package to a Juan de la Vara in El Matadero. Tollets has information that the package can be found at the docks in the Rebel encampment of Nosalida.

Marston undertakes this task, and upon delivery, is surprised at the astonishing amount of $1,000 being paid for the package. The foreman is appreciative but reveals little else.

When Marston returns to Tollets in Chuparosa to return the payment. Marston is disappointed to discover the package was opium, and he has inadvertently helped supply indentured workers with an addictive narcotic. Tollets tells Marston how opium is necessary to help the railroad workers cope with stress and loneliness. He walks to the corner of the room and starts to smoke opium while Marston makes his decision.

Marston can kill Uriah Tollets in retaliation, keeping the profits for himself. If the player chooses to let Tollets live, Marston returns the $1000 and states he wants nothing further to do with Tollet's operation. Marston can then kill him anyway if he chooses and loot the $1000 of his corpse, plus whatever else he was carrying.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


This land was imagined by an angry God for an angry people.
Uriah Tollets referring to Mexico
I have it up to here with dagos, up to here!
Uriah Tollets referring to his workers
My God, if I'd wanted to speak Spanish I'd have gone to Spain!
Uriah Tollets regarding the Mexican usage of Spanish
I damn well knew you were the kind of chap to be trusted!
Uriah Tollets to Marston


  • This mission, like most Stranger missions, can be completed after "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed", with appropriate changes in dialogue.
  • Pointing a gun at Uriah will cause him to become hostile and fire at Marston. Law Enforcement will quickly get involved and Uriah will be killed. After he is dead, Marston can loot the money back without any negative effects on his honor.
  • Sometimes he can be heard making disparaging comments toward both Mexico and America, and also stating how he longs to leave Mexico and return back home.
  • He and Harold Thornton share the same voice actor.
  • A man can be found in high stakes poker with very similar facial features and a similar voice, but under a different name, Victor Makepeace.



Aiding Strangers will contribute toward the following Trophies/Achievements:

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Complete a task for a Stranger.

Rdr people still strange icon
25 gamerscoreGamerscore
Silver silverSilver
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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