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About me

Been playing RDR since November 2010 and started multiplayer the following month - this is the first game I've tried multiplayer on and I'm hooked. I actually started playing GTA IV multiplayer, even though I had already completed single player long ago, because of my experience with RDR. Comparing the two, it's really impressive how much more immersive and polished they made the experience in just a few years.

Following the release of Red Dead Revolver on PSN in December 2012, I've started playing through that game as well. It's definitely related to Redemption in name only, but it's still a fun experience.


I'm usually on multiplayer on PS3 a few times a week (2ks4 is not my PSN name, though). Currently close to reaching fourth legend. Pretty average player overall - I win a few matches here and there, am in the middle of the pack most of the time, and other times I'm dead last (with the emphasis on "dead").

Wikia stats

Wiki projects

  • Added featured article voting. Attempting to maintain regular rotation of the featured article.
  • Updating front page poll periodically.
  • Wrote disambiguation policy, now applying to pages.
  • Working through articles marked for merging.
  • Multiplayer Challenges - cleaning up main page and challenge category pages:
    • (complete) Created new pages for Racing, Stronghold, Undead Overrun, and Gambling challenges.
    • (complete) Merged separate individual challenge pages into single category page for Weapon and Stat.
    • Free Roam - Merging related challenge pages (such as Survivalist II -> Survivalist).
    • Weapon - Completing a chart of weapons vs. game modes vs. locations offline to track which challenges can be worked on where.
    • (complete) PVP - merged individual challenge pages into a smaller set of related challenge pages.
    • Co-op - merging related Co-op Challenges into a smaller set of challenge pages
  • Multiplayer game modes - cleaning up pages, making more consistent format.
  • Individual Locations - adding list of multiplayer game modes available for each location (example: Thieves' Landing).

Favorite NPC Quotes

You've got an appointment with the mortician, and I don't wanna keep you waitin'.
I'm gonna turn you into a human colander!"
I only need one bullet, but I'm gonna send a whole bunch just in case.

Multiplayer preferences

I like most of the game modes a lot and flip around between all of them on a regular basis. I tend to spend more time in competitive or co-op modes than in Free Roam

  • Free Roam - I alternate between normal, friendly, and hard core depending on what I'm trying to accomplish. Everyone seems to have a different idea about proper "etiquette" however (those who care at all, that is). My own take is that if you're in normal or hard core mode and are in the main map area (not in a gang hideout) then you're fair game - get along with other players or shoot 'em, it's your choice. I personally have a "no first strike" policy unless someone is either Most Wanted or is obviously actively doing PVP attacks, but if someone attacks me I have no problem with that. I treat gang hideouts differently, though, and think those are off limits for unsolicited PVP attacks. What I really don't get are people who attack their own posse members.
  • Competitive modes - This is where I spend most of my time. I prefer hardcore since it's more challenging and tends to have less cheating, but play in normal mode when hardcore is empty.
  • Undead Overrun, Co-op - I like cooperative play as much, if not more, than competitive play so I also spend a lot of time in these modes. I'm working now on the Advanced co-op challenges.
  • Grand Prix - The one game mode that I can win consistently and the first one for which I completed all of the challenges and earned all of the titles. I don't know why, it just clicked with me. I just wish I could more consistently find a large field to race against, rather than the usual three or four (one of whom drops out before the end).
  • Gambling - This was the last mode I tried. Frankly I'm not big on such games in real life, so I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I've had a lot of fun with Liar's Dice and, to a slightly lesser extent, with Poker.

My favorite pages

  • Racing Challenges - first full new page I started here. I also love doing Grand Prix racing.
  • Outlaws to the End - I like the co-op missions and have spent a lot of my multiplayer time doing them.
  • Dueling - This is the page that brought me to this wiki in the first place (since I kept dying and wanted to figure out how to do less of that).

Featured Article Reference

This section is for my reference in tracking related templates, pages, etc. while the featured article system is in progress. These links will be integrated into the Featured Article pages once everything is complete.