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To Do List

  • Delete all unused files that are unrelated to the wiki or have been superseded.
  • Go through all the posse pages and check if they are actually posses and not fan-created character pages.
  • Add interwiki language links to all the the articles that have counterparts in other languages.

Categorization clean-up

Main article: Red Dead Wiki:Categorization


  • Fixing over-categorization (e.g, if a weapon appears in Redemption it should only be in the Redemption weapons category and not in the weapons category, it also doesn't belong in the Red Dead Redemption category since both categories are covered Redemption weapons category.)
  • Removing categories that don't belong in the articles in which they are posted.

Red Dead Redemption category

  • Removing the Red Dead Redemption category from almost all the articles, except the ones that logically fit in this category.


  • Removing the {{Stub}} template from articles that no longer qualify as stubs or don't have much information that can be added to them.
  • Replacing {{Stub}} with {{Revolver stub}} in Revolver pages that need expanding.


Categorization scheme for challenge articles.

  • Challenges
  • Redemption Challenges
    • Singleplayer Challenges
    • Multiplayer Challenges
  • Undead Nightmare Challenges

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