Anvil Sykes

  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Student and Bartender :)
  • I am Male

Hey there, thanks for viewing my profile, I guess the reason your here is to find out more stuff about me, so heres all you need to know ; im 17, i go to a sixthform near my home town of natby and study philosophy & ethics, drama, business studies and media studies. I do have a job, working as a bartender at my local pub, its a fun job to have as it doesnt require much effot other than pulling pints and talking to matt and my boss, and on the rarest of occasions, the customers, mainly when there drunk as they become sociable then. I would probably say that I dont play RDR as much as I used to, mainly because all the changes going on, like moving out from my mum and dad, and having a job ect, but I still try and find time to play RDR, when I do its normally about 5 straight hours, sounds sad I know but when the games as good as RDR, It doesnt matter, I play it with my friends all the time, hours on end and can honestly say I've never got bored :)

If you want to devle into my private life then you should know that im a man (not really private), im single and really struggling to see why its meant to be 'bad', cause im loving it. My current plans are a Gap year, in 2013 with 4 friends, and in a more recent event I might be setting up a small time business with a friend on the Isle of white, not sure what it will be yet, could be a B&B / small hotel. However were gonna be looking into it, theres alot of B&B's on the isle of white, and im not sure two 18 year olds would have much of a chance with a new one, but if you have any ideas about the possible business venture, let me know :)

Went on a bit there, but now guess I should now talk about my ascioation with RDR, well I have it on xbox and play it only on xbox My gamertag is Anvil Sykes, and its one of 2 of my accounts so im okay with you adding me, just let me know that youve found m through this wiki though, and if you spoke to me then let me know as well. Another way for you to speak to me is through my twitter account which is @DavySykes1, its not my main account just one ive made for this wiki, (hence why I have no followers) so yeah, follow that account so you can get in contact with me more eaisly :)

Other than this There are only two wikis that you can really find me on, The Rockstar Games wiki , and now the Futurama wiki. However this is the wiki you most likley to find me on.

Good one

This is the most corny thing I've ever done. Somewhat over-priced, but still.

And that is really all you need to know about me, sad in a way that I summed it all up in about 5 minutes worth of typing but still, at least ive done it now :)

So i'll see you around the Wiki !

My friends of RDR wiki :)

This is my response to the awards questionaire, if your really bored like I was, i'd recomend doing it, it really does kill time :)

  • I like it when… I’m sat in my conservatory, while its raining, playing RDR with matt.
  • I love it when… it’s snowing cause I get the day off school.
  • If I could rule… time and space I would actually feel like Doctor Who!
  • If it was the end… of the world, the last song I would listen to would be End of the Road by Boyz II Men!
  • If my name was… Harry Potter, I would show Hermione my wand!
  • If I was a girl… I would try to understand the obsession with shopping and shoes…
  • If I could have… the power to be invisible… The possibilities would be endless.
  • I hate it when… Manchester United lose!!!!!
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