Damon Redwood

aka Advocate to Shinnok & Cruel Mother E

  • I live in A Former Nation of Yugoslavia
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Trouble-maker, not Baker
  • I am Muškarac
Rdr carnelius wolfe02

Poetry in motion thats what I am.

Hi I'm Billy kidoo Cougar I really like it on the viki. Soon I will edit more of my profile.

My favorite pages are

My Youtube Profile

My name: Blondie 13322

Sucribers: many. 

I'm sucribed to: Animeme, Reterdedbadass, Chris iz Celja, Stewie Griffin, random Lame guy, Holy knight brotherhood, Slendy Slender man, DoxAmsterdam, RHCP freak lol, Yo momma, and Bill Williamson.

My favorite characters

Javier Escuella

Sid Winkler

Mel Thaxton

Rufus Higbee

Bill Williamson

Alden Renshaw

Willis Lassiter


Chinese Shopkeeper and Stonewall Ellington

I'm King of Diamonds!


Oh man zats beutiful.

My word!




Arrrg guinea pirat

I'm sexy!

Nickey Corleone

and don't forget baut Nickey!

My favorite pics

Marshal Johnson

But when I'm here, they do what they can.

Lucile Blindstage

Some bandits came and took us hostage they are hold up in the farmhouse.

Eli mought

They killed the man, burn most of em alive and rape the wemen, wemen folk got their troath sliced, one of the survived and walked up this morning an- (Gets innterputed)

Marshal group

Marshal's group.


Charlie threathing hostage

About to pull the trigger.

MacGuffin's whore

It ain't baut the money marshal!


I got them!

Archibad Andrews


Then I'm gonna cut you a piss by piss.

Seth thrething Moses

I'm gonna cut a man flash before, I never cut to alive one before.


(Marshal Johnson:John?) Marshal?


Seth he maneg to get himself inside hm hm hm....

Williamson's boys

Link Huston


Bill taking cover

It ain't over... Till it's over!

Lucky Muller

There is no more card games!


Who ya tink you a boyo de bloody cavary?

Landon Rickettss

Oh mister Marston you wanna join us?


Yo the man they call Marston see? You like killing? Watch me cut her throath! (John Marston:Nice friends you got here mr. Ricketts.)

Saul Bundy

It's a though job but sombody got to do it!

Arthur Shadlow

Abner Forist

Do not drink!

Flind krmp
Dewey Alcock

Grizzly Bear

Ahh! It's a Grizzly bear.

John and Dewey

Ass thunder! Bloody, bloody stoals! Shit your pants and die motherf*cker! Flaming butt fire! French fries! Yeah f*ck you and, your family! Face puch motherf*cker! F*ck you! Anka Lincel! Die! F*ck it damn motherf*cker!

John and Willie

Thanks Willie!

Allende feende

You the bounty hunter huh?

Bill and Deek

You always did have a high opinion of yourself John, Dutch always said that you was an eregand son of a bitch!

Boonie MacFarlane

And what will you do now?

Grandpa close up

John and Grandpa

Well old man looks like things are getting setled once and for all. (Old Man: So it seems.)

Harry sDobbing

Your dead boy!

Leg on phone

Hello? Hello?

Leg on phone 2

What is it with this things?

Leg on phone 3

I have no idea. Hello? Hello? Hello?


John at Manzanita


Angel perroni

Thoes Stracci punks are trying to make a casino in my hotel, IN MY HOTEL! Do something.

Roberts pizani

The Tattaglias are trying to burn my bar down, please do something before they burn up the whole place, and I will make your wile.

Las Hermanas bananas

Everyone in Las Hermanas.

John and Muller duel

Nobody steals from me especilly an American!

John at Chuparosa

Drinking in Chuparosa

Puta Madre!

Wanted Oscar Navarro

Wanted Oscar Navarro last seen at Campo Mirada

Victor and John




John at Reys camp

Hey amigo compadre ligo.

Flying card

Fly, card, fly!

John aming at Theodore Bacuss

Hands in the air Theodore!


With a hand of a farmer?

Victor in action

Abraham Reyes!

Hello Sebastian

Hello Sebastian!

Boonie head

Stupid is the word that we use raund here.

William's face to John

You implore me? Hehe you implore me.


Got myself a car.

John a Coot's Chapel

John at Coot's.

John as merchmant

You gonna buy or what?

John as wild hunter

You ain't gonna get away this time.



Heath with tomahawk

Cooper Reed
Sergio Abelda

Mucho is cama cabron.

Woody Swenson


Werner and Woody

Lets get em!

Winkler with rifle

Your fake ya sona bitch!

Legends and Killer

Wessley Hubbard

Tomahawk? Why codn't be bacon and beans?


I'm gonna blow you up!

Red Harlow

When you go in hell give Griff mah regards.

Annie Stoakes ugly

Come on stick it to me!

Jack Swifty

A we playing bloody Quin and Mary rules?

Run Jacky run


Buffalo Solda


Shadow Wof

Pray or Swift will die!

Pig Joshuna

I'm gonna have a blast with youhu!

Ugly Christ
Mr. Kelly

Some sins are never forgiven.

Red close up

Is there any real outlaws here?


You think you shoot do you?


Cowboys? Thoes traitor bastards!


They said that Scot is here to stop ruinneng the world.

Scot aiming at nun


Eudoro Del a Bara

Ah que eso si guele!


Mah face? (John: Yes your face)

Seth smells shoe


Aldus Warthington

Hohoho hm hm

Urian Toilet

I got it over head with this deagos up hea, saveges!

Prof. MacDougal


Old man pissed of

Why I don't get warm embrece?

Anroscel Ott at bnk


Sam and Wong

I call that.

Tobias Frinklenstain
Prof. using microsof

Intresting, simply intresting.

Harold McDougal

They'r fucking saveges! Saveges!

John taking cover

Gang Coronado

Coronado's gang

Kusumi, Hassun, Honovi

Indian gang about to go on raft.


Maybe you live in difrent America then we.

Jessie Mosley

You ain't gonna beat the law, you know why? Beacuse you aren't smart enough.

Indian gang at Fort Mercer

Thats Fort Mercer.

Werner robbing

It's mine!

Were the law

Were the law!

Some Gang

Can't change John!

Dutch and Laura

Lets go!

Allende's back head

Force, ha ha force must be used.

Scot playing poker

I think I'l check.

Nigel playing poker

I think I deal.

Wilfredo playing poker

Here is the carda amigo.

Pister playing poker

Hurry up!

Jessie busts out


Alden playing poker

I take this box to play!

Marston's friends

Why what's happening?

Animated Dutch's gang

Animated Dutch's Gang.


Toma Penjedo!


This ends here.


No por favor!

Candy mmm



Best area in Revolver!

Rdr dutch maxim gun

Die! John!

Rdr dutch van der linde


Rdr 0626

You and your friend, there the professor, we're going to kill booth of ya!

Rdr dutch's gang01

Lets go boys!

Rdr marston's old gang


Dutch Gang robbing bank

Javier you guard me, Bill you to.

Head shoot

Boom! Head shot!

Jonah treathing John

What? You gotta keep with me boy!

Javier pointing his finger

And Dutch? He's in Colombia, I can take you sraight to him.


Now thats what I'm talking baut

Drawn John Marston Jr.? Now thats what I'm talking baut!


You're a diplomat young man we have a deal.

Henry Reptile 2

Henry Reptile.

High power pistol 2

High Powder pistol.

I want ya for U.S. army

I want ya for U.S. Army!

I want ya gringo

I want ya gringo!

Cattleman Revolver 2

Cattleman Revolver.

Buddy Corconosa

Charlie and Tessio

We have a problem with Tattaglia's wise guy Micky Soleri. Will you help us?

Circus shop

Boom! Goes the neiberhood!

Corleone family

Give mah regards to the family.

File:Abraham Mars.jpg

Ackbar knows when something is a... TRAP!

It's a... Bird? No it's a plane! No, it's... A TRAP!


If yeh stand in meh way, yer dead!


Raiden's shootin'.

Angry Sonny

Fuckin' zombie cocksucker!

Barzini mobster

Oh, cuden'tc ya see ze bloody bombs!?

Bruno Tattaglia

Sry Luca.

Crazy Horse

Ah, zis one's ours now.


Wait for it... Release the KRAKEN!


Don't think I won't kill you...

SW funny Jabba

Bayonet Rifle 2

Bayonet rifle.

De Santa in multiplayer

Redura cabron?

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