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Greeting all Wikia members...

=====I am a fifteen-year old American  autistic student of A.S.E (Academy for Scholarship and Entreprenuership) who unknowningly has the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, an ' Autism Spectrum Disorder '(ASD) characterized by significant difficulties in social interactions and non-verbal communication. The main concerns are lacks of demonstrated limited empathy on peers, clumsiness, restrictedly repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. =====

After the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome has been discovered, the effects are confirmed to be low-end or mild-to-moderate which I do consider ' Unusually Lucky'. I found out I can actually have potentially high intelligences but way too difficult to handle social situations. In my current reality, I have been talking about the same topics more often than that, claimed I do have abnormally intense interests of what I actually cherish and also claimed I am a 'Aspie'.
As an autistic individual, it's was so completely different and strange as well. Never talked much.. which resulted social isolation after all. Something way too unfair I've discovered.. I'd found out Asperger Syndrome is neurologically permanent... Had reactions through the effect.. thought how randomly strange I am and can't communicate properly but currently.. I am gettin' used to the effects of my diagnosis. No cure or treatment aren't currently available and most likely be permanently attached on me. 

About Me

As one of the members... I've been in this wikia for years and found out be extremely bored... too impulsive and clearly not tried to become self-organized. And then all of the sudden when I am one of the members in Red Dead Wikia... Instead of creating critically random blogs... I have thought and came up with an astounding knowledge in my local brain that does not exist in Red Dead Wikia... I am a student who imagines and writes about severe weather events in Red Dead Redemption... providing an utterly awesome experiences in Red Dead. As the matter of fact... The creators should have recommend meteorological phenomenons in this game to view as a complete realistic and occurrent. If they recommend this... It may provide some shocking views around people If meteorological events existed.

Good luck! :)

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