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me and my iguana ozzy

About me

Im just a 15 yera old im SK8ER i play football alot and hang out with friends and my girl friend and more i just got the game red dead redemption on my birthday july 16th and beaten the game 100% i have all the cheats and more i got ideas in the game to lgitch the game and stuff and they all worked im helping people in the game the most and such like any info they need i can tell them just send me a message i found the most epci glitch in the game got it on my phone trying to put in online so everone can see it look at the easter egg and secrect places page i did alot of editing and my stuff will have by cody smith lol and im the person that find and tells and help people the most with anything so just look and i found the glitch in the cheats of the game i edited the page so hope i can help and such like i said just message me lol

my articles

are on my blog page theres 2 how not to lose honor after killing anything one is the cheat phrase and the other one is a guild without cheats

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