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b Hi there. I'm absolutely addicted to Red Dead Redemption 2. Currently on my third playthrough playthrough.

Second Playthrough (Evil)

So I'm starting off my second playthrough of this game. The first time I was like an angel, now I want to be like the devil, murder everyone and be dishonorable. These people died so far in my new playthrough. (Note: Unnamed characters are only counted when killed by Arthur/John and animals aren't noted unless named) Let's get into it:

One note: When one or multiple * are written after a death it means that I'll explain more about this character and their eventual death as they're likely not shown in a stranger side mission or only happen in my story, like my horse.

List of Deaths

* I believe I actually killed Cooper because I kept kicking him after I knocked him unconscious and my screen appeared gray from a second. Also, a late reaction while I was fighting but at Emerald Ranch someone reported me for murder, and I hadn't killed anyone else, so it's assumed that Cooper died.

** When killing a civilian at the Flatneck Station, he had a letter with him. It said, letter to Bubba from Jillian. I'm assuming Bubba is the person I killed. (Also, this proves again how detailed RDR2 is)

*** Encountered a dying man who seemed to be in love with Bonnie MacFarlane from RDR1. He was floating when I found him btw lol.

**** When getting to the Oil Derrick in New Hanover, I discovered the body of a man who had a letter with him from Cornwall Kerosene & Tar who's name seemed to be Mr. Varley. It's assumed Cornwall got the man killed.

***** Some guy in the U.S Army who I killed and looted for a letter confirming his name.

****** Some guy near Appleseed had this letter with him.

Kill Count

  • In total: 1471
  • Killed by me: 1420
  • Characters' deaths with importance/lines/names: 110
  • Killed as Arthur Morgan: 1398
  • Killed as John Marston: 22


Named Characters Kill Count of Named/Important Characters (Directly):

  • Arthur Morgan:
  • Dutch van der Linde:
  • TBA

Amount of Named/Important Character Deaths Every Chapter (Includes Confirmed Fate)

Trophies Gained

  • "Bountiful"
  • "Artificial Intelligence"
  • TBA
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