Rdr tudisco kid

I suppose this is my second favourite, he is really similar to Connor, maybe that's why.

Billy Sanchez
Rdr conor callahan

My favourite character in this picture. Leader of The Hanging Rock Gang.

Hi, I´m Gunman_for_real! I am a big fan of Red Dead Redemption, and that´s why I joined the wiki. I particularly like the character Connor Callahan, so I´ve included him a lot in my stories. I have a posse called Armadillo Lawmen, it´s leader´s PSN account is Grizzley299, and mine is Gguido_99. I have a few edits, but I´ll get some through the year. I have both Red Dead Redemption, (RDR and RDRUN). While playing RDRUN in multiplayer, I usually go hunting (one of the best things in RDR), bears and cougars. Then I play undead overrun. This picture in the right side is about The Tudisco Kid, a great guy too.

A thing that I don´t like about Red Dead Redemption is.. NOTHING, perfect game for me. I used to write stories about The Hanging Rock Gang, a gang that included Connor Callahan, Dr. Lane Davis, and Billy Sanchez, but now I write about individuals, The Tudisco Kid, Landon Ricketts, Kyle McGinty, Jack Marston etc. The photo of John Marston here remembers me about when I was normal John Marston and wasn`t rotten and making those undead sounds, I´ll probably play the storyline again, like I did with RDR.

In my opinion it would be great that there were trains in multiplayer, so much fun, (if the train didn´t stop when you fire a shot). Anyway, contact me in my PSN account if you want to match with me.

Golden Weapons I´ve earned

  • Schofield Revolver
  • Springfield rifle (my favourite one)
  • Double action Revolver
  • Repeater Carbine
  • Winchester Repeater
  • Semi Automatic Pistol

Road to LeMat Revolver

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