About me

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my user page. I love to write and I write about the things I love. I support excellence, not perfection, so I try my best to have solid, accurate information as well as proper spelling and grammar. If performed correctly, then the writing should come out smooth and easy to read, with just enough information that is fulfilling and pleasurable to read, but not too much that it becomes somewhat of an eyesore after several minutes. Now, enough of my obsessive need for excellent writing, let's get down to my personal life.

I am a full time student, thus I don't have much time to spend on this wiki, what with school and assignments. But if I do happen to have some off time, I'll take a peek here and there and see if there's anything I can contribute, be it a correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, fluidness of the text, or a tid bit of information that I feel would be something interesting to read. I love wikis in the fact that they have pieces of trivia that walkthroughs lack, as well as whole pages dedicated to the detail of characters, locations, weapons, etc.

Well, I hope I can get along with my fellow wiki editors so that we can all contribute our own share of information to the wiki.

My favorite pages

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