I am called Jonson1o, a person who likes ROBLOX. I also like the Redemption series, but however, I never played any of the games, only watched the storyline.

Most favorite Redemption characters

Most hated characters


Red Dead Redemption games

  • Charles Châtenay swearing and being funny
  • The gallery scene where people realize that the paintings are their naked family members
  • The Golden Double-Action Revolver
  • The camp at Shady Belle
  • The scene where Arthur blows up the manure store and it all lands on Emmet Granger
  • Arthur's jokes


Red Dead Redemption games

  • Arthur dying
  • John dying
  • Uncle dying
  • Dutch dying
  • John can't swim
  • The areas in Redemption 2 aren't accessible in Redemption 1
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