Me In A Tree

My name is Mike, I've been playing video games since I was 6 but I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore gamer (anymore). I've played an array of different games over the years and Red Dead Redemption was one of the most memorable experiences.

I'm actually a writer, and I cut my teeth on this wiki when it was still pretty young. Since then I've moved on to a few other gaming wikis.

I know a lot of in-game facts about Redemption, but I've never played Revolver.


NOTE: I have not been an active member of this wiki since 2014, and don't check in very often.

WHY?: Since I've been gone this wiki has gutted the trivia sections of most pages, which I suppose is fine. But also some major implications and deductions, for example John Marston possibly being blind in his left eye, and an estimate of Red Harlow's age. As it turns out I actually added both of those myself back in the day AND had other users back me up and they still got cut, so I'm not really invested anymore.

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