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Opinions on Red Dead

Favorite Characters

Edgar Ross, Micah Bell, Abraham Reyes, John, Arthur and Sadie. Ross and Micah are both fantastically hateable antagonists with such charisma to their characters. Reyes is a joy to watch whenever he is on screen. There isn't much to be said about John and Arthur as characters that hasn't already been said. Sadie is just an interesting and likeable character.



Favorite - Nuevo Paraiso. There just simply isn't any other place like it in the entire series.

Least Favorite - The swampy area around Thieves' Landing.


Favorite - Cholla Springs. Although it is severely lacking in general activity, I just love the natureistic environment.

Least Favorite - Cumberland Forest. Perhaps this is a controversial opinion, but I find this to be the most forgettable region in the game. Most of the time I'm passing through I have no idea I've even been here.

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