• I live in Florida
  • I was born on December 2

An avid player of Red Dead Redemption and a dedicated editor and administrator of this wiki. I can also be found at the Red Dead Answers Wiki, where I am an administrator as well. Feel free to leave any inquiries on my talk page and will get back to you as soon as possible.

My favorite pages

  • Strange Man - Many very interesting interpretations of the meaning of the man.
  • Leigh Johnson - The toughest sheriff in the west with a complete and informative page.
  • Armadillo - A great page with tons of info about my favorite town in the game.
  • Landon Ricketts - A compelling trivia section on one of my favorite gunslingers.

My favorite quotes

People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven.
John Marston
This is America, where a lying, cheating degenerate like myself can prosper.
Nigel West Dickens
Come on Mr. Marston, moral degeneracy waits for no man.
Edgar Ross
My cause is to keep this town from turning into a living hell for the folks that live here.
Leigh Johnson
When a man with a sing-song voice tells me to 'fuck off', it always concerns me, 'boyo.'
John Marston to Welsh
Why would you remember me, friend? You've forgotten far more important people.
The Strange Man
I don't eat, I don't sleep, I don't wash, and I don't care.
Well, sir, I'm a man of science, a man of great learning, a thinker, a wise man and I'll be honest with you, sir... I haven't got a fucking clue.
Harold MacDougal in Undead Nightmare
I was the fastest in my time. I must've been - I'm the only one left.
Landon Ricketts
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