aka Alexander

  • My occupation is Red dead redemption historian
  • I am Male

Who am I?

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For anyone that does not know who I am, I am a historian and editor of the Red Dead Wiki. I have played the game since 2011, and I am still playing, getting 100% Completion every play through. I rarely publish articles, I merely edit the articles for the benefit of all of the members of this community. If you have any questions please leave them on the message wall, here are my business hours:

Monday-Friday: 3:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: 6:00am - 9:00pm


~ Thank you so much for your time and patience if you also want me to edit Your article please leave a link the the article on the Message Wall.

Most favorite Red Dead Redemption characters

My Red Dead Redemption Experience

Through the missions of Red Dead Redemption I have been fascinated by the gameplay, lore and characters. Its has been very exciting, until the memerable ending. I have completed 100% Completion of the game, and yet a couple years later, I still use the Red dead Wiki for any assistance or information I need. I still play the game, and maybe sometimes with Cheat Codes enabled. I still think the game is fun, but I can't wait for the prequel of the game.

Once I had downloaded the Undead Nightmare DLC, I was very spooked. Then I had completed the DLC and unlocked the achievement: "Zed's Dead, Baby". Over all it has been a really fun and adventurous experience, and now I am an editor for my favorite game.

I still use this wikia for any assistance, I now edit articles everyday for at least an hour. Enjoying every bit of it.

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