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Howdy! My name is Jonathan, and I just happened to come across this wiki and thought I could do my part for the players and fans by spreading any knowledge I've learned in Red Dead Redemption to you. Now I've never played Red Dead Revolver, so my knowledge is limited to Red Dead Redemption only, and mainly multiplayer. I am more then willing to offer you a chance to add me on the Xbox 360 under Sakoyasha, as long as you toss in that you saw it mentioned on this wiki. I mainly do private free roaming with my soon-to-be-active posse, The Sandman Gang. We're recruiting, and if you're interested, by all means, shoot me a PM. I currently reside in New Jersey, and I'll be turning twenty come August the 13th. I look forward to offering assistance to fellow Red Deaders wherever and whenever they may need it. Until then, see you on the plains, cowboys and gals!

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