I'm Carlo Ravelli, better known as TeslaRaptor on this wikia.

As the adopter, and one of the bureaucrats here on the Red Dead Wiki, I have many tasks to fulfill, one of them being, in my opinion the most important one, keeping the community happy. I like motivating people, helping them, removing vandalism, and making positivity grow.

I am currently inactive, but feel free to send me a message, I'll respond to it quickly since I regularly use other wikias.

I'm in a clan named OPM, short for Official Playstation Magazine Belgium and Netherlands. I play all kinds of games, and most of them on PS3. I love listening to pretty much any kind of rock except pop rock, and I go up to black/trash metal. I also like drum and bass.

I enjoy skateboarding, and work in a greenhouse that grows decorative plants, where I do many things, such as putting young plants in pots with soil, packing.

I will be attending a new education this year's september, since I bailed out of automotive engineering this year's february.



  • E-Mail: Ask me through PSN


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