The Marshal of the undead

  • I was born on October 17
  • I am Male


I am on PSN. My faviroute activity is Stagecoach boating and my faviroute game mode is Undead Overrun.

Recent News

I made it to wave 21 in Undead Overrun, thanks to Undead_Dude2130 for saving me many times to help me acheive my Goal.

I passed into Legend recently and I would recommend it to people who are hesitating to do it. Also, I am condisering to change my charcter to Shadow Wolf, but I'm hesitating, should I do it? (he throws tomahawks straight). UPDATE: He dosen't. It's a scam.

My Best Friend is...

...MagiMo99. He's friendly and his character is Fernando Naranjo.


  • I own the War horse.
  • I'm on PS3.
  • My faviroute game mode is Undead Overrun.
  • My Faviroute activity is stagecoach boating.
  • My Friend MagiMo99's character.

My favorite pages

My Glitch Sightings

Cattle or Buffalo?

I once saw a glitch in single player where all of the Cattle in MacFarlane's Ranch turned into Buffalo, then back into Cattle.


Outfitter Glitch

When in the Outfitter I could open the pause menu, and I found out that the Outfitter is outside of the map, and the character faces north. for more information visit This Page.


  • He is very friendly, and won't attack anyone in Free Roam.
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