The unknown one 155

aka Unknown

  • I live in England
  • I was born on October 17
  • I am male

Ok, before you start asking I'm on PS3Logo, not XboxLogo.

Faviroute Pages


There's a reason for my name you know...

Just kidding!

I mainly play free roam, undead overrun and co-op and I play multiplayer in undead nightmare.


  • Faviroute long-arm in Redemption: Bolt-action rifle - high powered and long ranged, great against far away enemies
  • Faviroute side-arm in Redemption: High Power Pistol - extremely fast-firing, the perfect weapon against online players
  • Faviroute long-arm in Revolver: Bayonet Rifle - good for slicing right through enemies
  • Faviroute side-arm in Revovler: Twin Revolvers - packs double the punch
  • Faviroute character in Redemption: Jack Marston - because revenge is sweet!
  • Faviroute character in Revolver: Undecided
  • Faviroute location in Redemption: Tumbleweed
  • Faviroute location in Revolver: Undecided

If I could... in a place from Redemption it would be Manzanita Post because I love hunting.

...change one thing in Redemption it would be adding a splitscreen option for multiplayer.

...make another game in the Red Dead Series it would be named Red Dead Revenge. You are a rancher that has been forched to move out because the government wants to build a city on your land. You must locate and kill the federal agents that forced you of your land.

To Do List

  1. Unlock the Savvy Merchant Outfit
  2. Make pages for every achievement in RDR:Gunslingers

Glitches I Have Spotted


I pistol whipped a whore in Tesoro Azul, she then then fell into the wall that she was hiding behind, glitched under it (as if it were crushing her back) and started shaking.

A bird was flying under the ground.

A bird (it was a vulture) was in the air, flapping its wings but wasn't moving.

(Buffy is the name of my buffalo) Buffy's reins were floating above his head.

I made Buffy run into the back of a wagon at full speed, we went under the wagon, Buffy died and I was flung of his back, I went to see if he was ok and then he got up and ran around like nothing had ever happened.

In Undead Overrun I ran into a coffin at full speed, tapped triangle, then my character's body went into the coffin and started pulling at thin air (as if I was opening an invisible coffin next to the real one).


My war horse sank into the the ground, then fell over (as if it were dead) and then stood up again, like nothing ever happened (Note: My character fell of the horse, then fell of a cliff).

I shot someone's pistol but he wasn't disarmed.

There were some wild horses that were moving, but only a certain distance each second, then they would stop, then move, then stop and so on. Also there was no walking animation.

The ground was ALOT less realistic.


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