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Welcome! I am Tikaalik, and one of the founding editors of Red Dead Wiki.

I play Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360, and am a proud member of the Red Dead Wiki Posse. I was also a big fan of the original Red Dead Revolver game.

I attend university in Canada. I'm an experienced and published author by hobby, hopeless academic by trade. Lots of eclectic interests.

I have experience as a wiki administrator and moderator on Wet Paint. I've contributed to three separate Wikis, regarding topics ranging from academic history and sociology to cultural fiction and video games.

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I've been asked this question by a number of wiki editors and members of the message board, so here is the answer.

The name "Tiktaalik" refers to an extinct genus of lobbed-fin fish which lived during the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era, approximately 375 million years ago. It is a distinct marine fossil which possessed many distinct terrestrial traits. This animals is extremely relevant to the evolution of all terrestrial animals on our planet, and gives humanity keen insight into the evolutionary development of ourselves and our fellow living beings. I see this name as relavent to my identity, because I too have lob-fins and am composed of fossilized soft tissue.

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My avatar is a photo of the prolific actor Lee Van Cleef. He is most well known as his roles of Angels Eyes in Sergio Leon's Dollar Trilogy. That particular photo is from a great (yet obscure) 1970 western film called El Condor