This is a note for admins and advanced editors regarding the Related Content template. I made some significant changes to the template today that add a number of enhancements and help it work better on Red Dead Revolver pages. Check out the template documentation for details, but basically a couple of new searches were added and two new parameters are available to alter the search string.

As an example, if the default {{Related Content}} template were applied to this blog page, the YouTube search within the box would be for "RDR Red Dead Redemption User blog:2ks4/Admin note - updated Related Content box" (worst YouTube video ever). By applying the new parameters, however, I can make the search be for "Red Dead Revolver Brimstone", for example:

Note: In the example below, ignore the box title, which will still be "Related Content for User blog:2ks4/Admin note - updated Related Content box" - that is correct behavior since the title will still reflect the page name, it is only the actual search strings that are altered. Just check out the Google, Google Image, or YouTube searches to see how the altered search string works.

{{Related Content|searchprefix=Red Dead Revolver|searchphrase=Brimstone}}

Most Redemption pages are fine with the default Related Content box. Most Revolver pages only need the searchprefix to be altered to "Red Dead Revolver". Only a few pages will need the searchphrase to be altered.

2ks4 (talk) 08:06, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

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