Now that you've (hopefully) had a chance to check out the new maps in Myths and Mavericks, what do you think?

Overall I think it's a good DLC - not all of the maps are winners, but they're definitely not just "more of the same." Here's what I've noticed so far:

The Good


Welcome to Plainview, Uncle, a.k.a. "Cat Food."

Dangerous animals - I love having bears, boars, and cougars on some of the maps. Keeps you on your toes (until they knock you off of them).

Non-handgun showdowns - having shotguns and tomahawks as showdown weapons is a nice change of pace.

More locations for previously scarce weapons - some of the maps have throwing knives, the explosive rifle, fire bottles, etc., which helps with certain trophies and weapon challenges (I finally got Stick and Move).

EDIT: Oops ... forgot that the explosive rifle challenges are limited to Stronghold only, so the explosive rifles in FFA and Gang matches don't really help with that.

Stronghold variety - Beecher's Hope, Cochinay, and Torquemada each present a different sort of challenge than the previous Stronghold maps.

The Bad

Cochinay matches with sixteen players - two or three players will often spawn right next to each other. Needs more spawn points.

Cochinay mountain-top sniper point - I haven't tried getting there myself, so I don't know if it's a glitch or a normal path, but it's an excessive tactical advantage far beyond any rooftop.

Explosive rifle friendly fire - I'm glad the explosive rifle is available in more places and have had a lot of fun with it, but in the wrong hands it's like a member of the other team.

Looooooooooong fly-overs at the start of certain Stronghold maps like Beecher's Hope. Also no music during Stronghold.

The Ugly

Laggy - Stronghold at Beecher's Hope, Grab the Bag at Perdido, and a couple of other maps get really laggy to the point that it can take several seconds to find out whether you actually fired your weapon or if you've been dead the whole time.

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